Transparency is important to us — no hidden charges.


When you call us for your appliance repair, we will provide a full & comprehensive diagnosis which tells you exactly what your repair will cost, to the penny. We use a national flat-rate pricing book, which provides our job pricing based off of national averages. This price tells you exactly what your repair will cost, no more, no less. That also means our technicians are incentivized to take the time & make sure your repair is done correctly! Our estimates are comprised of a diagnostic fee, labor, and a part (if applicable).

If you do not want to go ahead with the repair, want to try to complete the repair yourself, or call another company for a second diagnosis, you only have to pay a diagnostic fee.

All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. Additionally, the trip charge will be waived for all repairs on the same machine during the 90-day window, regardless of what failure has occurred. 

Dryer Clean-Out

Trip Charge & Labor: $100

Tax & Local Surcharges

Our dryer clean-outs are offered at a flat rate $100 + tax. Dryer clean-outs include:

  • Complete lint removal from lint trap, dryer internal vent, and all of dryer interior

  • Inspection & lubrication of idler pulley, drum rollers, and blower wheel

  • External vent cleaning (if accessible from ground level)

  • Temperature cycling & intensity verification

If a failure is found, a repair estimate will be provided on a case-by-case basis, and will be subject to homeowner approval before any repairs are continued.